Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What is up with the Chinese Spam?!

Does anyone else get that crap?!?  Any tips to avoid it???? 


Anyway, howdy friends.  Not much going on, but then everything is going on!!!

Got the girls pics taken this past weekend.  Had my FIL's 60th bday party on Sat.  Preparing for my first fill next week .  That's when this WL should REALLY start.  Right now everyone keeps asking me how much weight I've lost, and the sad truth is not enough for almost 5wks out.  Until I get a fill, which brings restriction, I'm pretty much just dieting and using willpower (HA!).  So needless to say, the WL has stalled until further notice. 

If you haven't seen them already, here are a few pics of my girl-rillas. They turned out OK, but the photog was kinda dry and didn't really engage them as much as he should have.  He got a few decent ones though.  It didn't help that Miss P2 is teething so therefore she was being even more grumpy than normal.

 I'm still trying to get them noticed for the roles of Renesmee Cullen. heehee ;)